Apply for Admission

Apply for Admission

Welcome to the IB at AARHUS GYMNASIUM, Tilst!

Please read this prior to completing your application.

We are happy that you have decided to apply to the IB programme at AARHUS GYMNASIUM, Tilst. Both our pre-IB and IB applications are handled via Open Apply. There are a number of steps to the application process and to ensure that you submit a complete application, we kindly ask you to read through the following information.

Once you complete step 1 of the application, an account is created for you. The account holder is assumed to be a parent/guardian, but we are fine with you, the applicant, being the account holder. The account is created using the email address for parent 1. Therefore, if you the applicant wish to be the account holder you should enter the same contact information for parent 1. This means you will receive any notifications regarding your application. The contact information for your actual parents/guardians can be added to parent/guardian 2 and parent/guardian 3. Additional parents/guardians can be added at the bottom of the page.

Once you have typed in your personal data, your family information and your subject choices, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Once this is done, you will need to log into your account and upload the relevant application documents.

Applicants are asked to upload the following documents:

  1. Your most recent grades/report card. If you only recently moved to Denmark, then you may upload your grades from your previous school.
  2. A statement or reference from your current school or teacher, especially if there are no teacher comments on your grade transcript/report card.
  3. A personal essay of about a page in which you write a little about yourself. There are no set rules for what to include but you may touch upon your educational background, your thoughts/considerations about starting in the pre-IB or the IB programme, if relevant about moving or just having moved to Denmark, what you hope to do in the future etc.
  4. A photocopy of your passport or your yellow health insurance card.

 We ask that all documents are in English or Danish and uploaded as pdf-files.

Only complete applications will be considered.


If you are a pre-IB applicant applying from the Danish 9th or 10th grade, you must also apply through www.optagelse.dk together with your UU-vejleder.

If you are a Danish student on an exchange programme, you need to apply through your UU-vejleder and OpenApply.

If you are a pre-IB applicant applying from an international school, or no longer affiliated with a school, you need only apply through OpenApply.

If you are applying to the IB Diploma Programme, you need only apply through Open Apply.

If you are unsure of which educational programme you should be applying to, please refer to our website https://aarhusgym.dk/ib/application/ or give us a call.


The application deadline is March 1st of every year.

Late applications will only be considered if there are available places.

Once the application deadline has passed, all the applications will be evaluated. You can stay updated on your application via your Open Apply account. You will receive notice of the final decision through both Open Apply and via a letter in www.eboks.dk if you reside in Denmark. These letters are typically sent out by the end of April.

Some students may be asked to sit for an admissions test. This is usually the case for students who cannot provide recent grades or students whose grades to not match the entry criteria. Danish students applying from the Danish ‘folkeskole’, may be asked to sit an admissions test even though they have been deemed suitable for secondary education (‘uddannelsesparat’).

We look forward to reading your applications.